The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

As an author, I read across all genres. I also watch a variety of movies, though I prefer action thrillers to romantic comedies. I don’t particularly enjoy horror, though oddly some of my writing is considered horror…at times. One commonality that I think most of my readers would agree, is that there is always a survival aspect in my writing. I just can’t seem to get away from that. I’m made, it seems, to always survive something, so much so, that I’m even writing it without meaning to. In actuality…we are all surviving something. How could we not?

That’s why I enjoyed The Woman in the Window. Anna survives each day and every day, from her apartment. She spends her days looking out into the world of her boxlike-dwelling’s windows at the lives of her neighbors across the street. She sees into the boxes they inhabit and explicates their lives. Until, of course, she sees something she shouldn’t. Something unexpected and yet…she can’t explain what she saw to anyone who will care one way or another.

A.J. Finn is an excellent writer and although I knew something was amiss…I didn’t expect that.

The Woman in the Window is a story of surviving an event you wish you hadn’t and then righting a wrong you’re not sure actually to place.

What if you survived a traumatic event that caused you to spend your days living life behind windows only to see something you shouldn’t, causing you to find the strength to save the life of someone who might be dead already? It’s a twister. And it’s going to be a movie. Read it now, before it’s too late!