Red Rising by Pierce Brown

The cover of Red Rising was one I’ve seen over the past few years mingled with those I’m quite familiar with. Though seeing a recent recommendation by Donald Maass, to actually read the book, I’d never taken the time to check it out. It wasn’t at all what I expected. For some reason, I had it in my mind Red Rising was about surviving a future apocalypse. Well, it is…but not exactly.

What if a society faced absolute annihilation on Earth and a group of people were sent to the only place they could survive…Mars. But not just Mars…below Mars. Below the surface they could mine and ready the planet for future generations. See, these first people sacrificed themselves to save the lives of the next generations with the promise that they would someday be free and have the honor of knowing they’d saved the human race with all their hard work. That’s not exactly what happens though…

Pierce Brown is a very talented writer and Red Rising is a page-turner as soon as it gets up to speed.