Chronicles of the One, Book 1, Year One by Nora Roberts

I’ve never been a romance reader so I’ve never read a Nora Roberts novel until Year One. Well, guess what? I loved her writing style so much after I read book 1 in the Chronicles of the One, that I went on to read book 2, Blood and Bone, and now I’m highly anticipating book 3, The Rise of Magicks, which is frustratingly not out until November 2019. Now I know how my fans feel about awaiting next releases. It’s painful! So in the interim, I listened to one of Nora Robert’s latest romance books, Under Currents (blog soon), on the long drive from Ohio to Washington state and let me tell you, I loved it.

As a dystopian author myself, I’ve got to say when this was first published, the other authors and I thought…great! Now the bigs are taking over our genre…we’re kind of territorial…not really. But after reading this series, I admit, I’m hooked. I even developed an interest into what makes Ms. Robert’s such a great writer. After reading her story, I must say, she’s like many of us…it’s just a calling. You can’t not write. What I was immensely impressed by though, is her output and the fact that she treats her craft with high respect and I honor that. We writers are always curious as to how the others do it. We know how we do it but we’re always interested in how others perform the task. I think, secretly, we want to confirm our own normality. Sure, it’s totally normal to have your characters…strike up unplanned conversations with one another…we authors just roll with it.

What if the whole world’s population came down with a super flu, except for a small percentage? Of those that survived, a portion of them develop the most random skills, and then of those skilled they divide into good and evil. Better yet…

What if you were a pregnant mother after a devastating pandemic and some strange dude came up to you saying he had to be the guardian of your girl child when she turned 13? I’d say, take a hike, Jack.

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