The Last Infidels: A Post Apocalyptic Terrorism Thriller (Graham's Resolution Book 3)

This story serves as a very real possibliity of what could become of this country in the not too distant future.
— Amazon Review


What the World Dreads Most has Happened, The Last Infidels.

Because they've achieved their quest for survival, the true reason for humanity's demise becomes ever more apparent. Now the remaining survivors must face an enemy more sinister than they ever conceived. The story moves forward with The Last Infidels and get ready...the terrorists are there.

These are great reads for anyone.
— Amazon reviewer

Graham's Resolution Books:

  • The China Pandemic, Book One

  • The Cascade Preppers, Book Two

  • The Last Infidels, Book Three

  • The Malefic Nation, Book Four

  • The Bitter Earth, Book Five - Coming Soon!

If you love dystopian post-apocalyptic books by such authors as A. American, Steven Konkoly, or Tom Abrahams you'll like Graham's Resolution. Fans of One Second After, Lucifer's Hammer, Into the Forest, and The Stand did too