The China Pandemic: A Post Apocalyptic Medical Thriller (Graham's Resolution Book 1)

VERY fast paced and unpredictable! I was holding my breath while reading!
— Amazon reviewer
Powered by adept character development and relentless pacing, this post-apocalyptic novel....makes for a page-turning, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it reading experience...
— Kirkus Review

By bestselling author, AR Shaw! Over forty thousand books sold!

What the World Dreads Most has Happened, The China Pandemic.

A weaponized bird flu ravaged the globe to near extinction, and a former Seattle math professor races on a journey to survive, when he meets a vulnerable community of survivalists without immunity to the killer virus, a young girl is exposed which threatens war between those few left behind.

This story was entertaining, very well written, and maybe something very possible.
— Amazon reviewer
  • The China Pandemic, Book One

  • The Cascade Preppers, Book Two

  • The Last Infidels, Book Three

  • The Malefic Nation, Book Four

  • The Bitter Earth, Book Five

If you love dystopian post-apocalyptic books by such authors as A. American, Steven Konkoly, or Tom Abrahams you'll like Graham's Resolution. Fans of One Second After, Lucifer's Hammer, Into the Forest, and The Stand did too.