A Love Story - Part 2


Love Story Part 2

I know what you’re thinking…and you’re wrong. The attorney handling my legal/business issues ceased to become the handsome guy in the blue suit the second I realized he was my attorney. He turned out to be very professional as well. 

Just like on any other trip I’ve taken, be it a research trip, convention, etc. I always checked out the local housing market to get a feel for the place. I knew my time in Coeur d’Alene was limited. It was a great place to heal but it wasn’t a great place for me to live. I needed a greater distance from the ex. I needed a place without bad memories. I needed something of my own and something more affordable. Despite popular belief, authors don’t make a lot. Since my four young adult children live in all corners of the United States, I wasn’t tied there. My only requirement was to find something near an airport. That was pretty easy to do. But where? Where did I want to be? I really had no idea.


So when I drove from Idaho to Deer Trail, Colorado, on a research trip to visit the town and underground silo for the book Surrender the Sun, I looked around the Denver area. It just didn’t feel like home to me. 


 When I went to Manhattan on convention, that was a no brainer…not really my thing. I love to visit but I can’t live there. Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Indianapolis…same thing…just didn’t get the feeling that was the place for me. 

 As in my writing, I let the Universe come to me…tell me what’s right, let the story play out on its own. So…when I went to Ohio for business matters, I first determined to not let anything negative shadow my feelings for the place itself. I was already working on a new book as well and researched the local area while I was there. I even checked out a few rental houses. There was one I really liked. In fact, I really felt comfortable in the area, but didn’t make any decisions at the time…it was just a possibility for the future. I left Ohio but knew I’d return for more book research in the future. I had a story idea…and it involved this place. More on that later.


Winter drug on with a soul sucking deliberate crawl in Coeur d’Alene. I worked and furnished my apartment, hung out with my friends and tried to ease the stress I was going through by working out, acupuncture, and learning yoga techniques. It wasn’t easy starting over again. My son came to visit, and I found it odd showing him around my new home. So much of this felt out of place. 


As a writer, I’m starting to measure years not by January 1st but by Thrillerfest Convention time. I was getting emails of the coming event and was looking forward to attending again. Sometimes, it’s the little things that get you through depressing times. 


Around March, I’d made arrangements to visit my Dad in Texas again. This time without the hospital stay. We had a great time. He was doing so much better…still the tough man. 


Then I returned to Coeur d’Alene and saw that spring had finally sprung. Things were looking a little less dismal there and I decided to visit my son in Seattle since Snoqualmie Pass was fairly open and do a little book research for Graham’s Resolution, Book 5, while I was there. 


After that, I returned home to CDA for a while and then took off again weeks later to Missoula, Montana, to visit the fire jumpers at the fire center. Again, for research on a future release. In fact, I found I was spending less and less time at home and finding reasons to leave. Something about the place was making me antsy. Going to the grocery store, the mall, all the local places…I was struggling with the past. The noise level in downtown in CDA was also not conducive to writing either. There were far too many distractions both internal and external. I needed new surroundings but was not able to make a move yet.

Then one day the business issues in Ohio ended. Though my troubles were not over. A funny thing about divorces and estates. You can be officially divorced yet, the agreed upon funding can get hung up for months and months…sometimes, conveniently. I had to hire another attorney just to receive what was court ordered.


It was the beginning of summer by then. While I waited, I dove into work but needed a buddy. Living alone isn’t easy. I started checking out the local pet shelter online. I visited pet stores. I kept coming across this one guy. He was dark and handsome, but I had another trip coming up and didn’t want to have a pet and have to board him during an adjustment period. So, I waited. In the meantime, I thought perhaps I could look around for a house. Perhaps I could stay in Coeur d’Alene. Make it work. Moves are expensive. So I looked around. I found one house that was along the Centennial Trail. It had possibilities. But something about it was wrong. I just did not see myself staying there and I didn’t want to make any major decisions yet.


Then, out of the blue one day, I received a notice from my former attorney. It was one of those mass emails. He was moving on from his old firm to start his own firm. I thought that was pretty cool. I think anyone who takes a chance like that deserves a congratulations, so I looked up the local florist there and sent him a fruit basket. What? It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

 A few days later I received another email from my former attorney thanking me for the basket. And said, if I’m ever in town to let him know.


It just so happens, that’s where I was headed to on my next trip research trip, already planned and why I had not decided on a pet yet. I planned to visit my buddies Kate Morris, and Michael Havelka, while I was in town. I wanted to look around at the old architecture there. McKinley’s tomb for a scene in an upcoming book and a few other areas. I let him know that I was in fact visiting in the near future. 


He asked if I liked sushi and I said I’d had sushi while I was there the last time and it wasn’t exactly…good.  

He scoffed at that and said when I visited, he would change my opinion of the sushi offered there. 

 I was doubtful. I’m from the Pacific Northwest.

 About a week went by and I was back in Spokane, having my hair done and afterward, like many times before, I went to the local sushi place that I loved and had lunch. It’s not uncommon for me to post pics of good food online. But I also sent it to him, just to set the bar, with a caption that said, something like…this is good sushi. 


It was something about this conversation that opened up a friendly dialog between us. He was adjusting to his new office about this time. We didn’t have any personal discussions then. It was just a possible lunch date in the future and friendly banter about sushi with my former attorney.


Then, I was on a plane again headed to Ohio.


To be continued…

 Disclaimer: There may be some affiliate links in this post. This may or may not be a true story. Please do not comment or ask about any legal or business matters.