2019 Goals February Update

2019 GOALS February Update

It’s the beginning of a new year and I have lots of plans underway. Here’s an update for February and how much progress I’ve made on my goals.

Personal Goals:

  • Lose the ten pounds I’ve gained since moving to Ohio, ha!

    Five down as of this morning. We’ll see if I can keep it that way.

  • No spend February.

    I posted on this yesterday. It was a mixed bag, but in all I think I achieved about half of what I’d set out to do.

  • Gardening - Re-landscape and start a raised bed garden in the backyard.

    I ordered a few seeds but it’s been too cold here to really get started. Though I’ve been looking at my existing landscaping and making plans.

  • Train for the Spartan race, again. (More on that later.)

    Ah, June is quickly approaching. This week I walked and ran at the gym. I’m having some issues with my right knee IT band. Though my arm is doing great. It’s still a bit stiff but it’s getting there. I’m sure training will pick up when the weather is a little less psychotic here.

  • Read 12 books. (okay…that’s easy for me but I have to include something achievable.)

  1. (Okay, don’t laugh…) Marrying Winderborne by Lisa Kleypas

    I rarely read romance novels but it was Valentines and well…it’s pretty good.

  • Spend less.

    I’m doing that. There was No Spend February and I certainly went through my expenses and cut quite a lot out. Like Hulu and odd apps that have recurring charges.

    One cool thing the BF got me for Christmas was a coffee grinder and a few of those refillable cups and man I’ve certainly saved a few bucks there and the coffee is better.

  • Finish furnishing and decorating my home.

    Since it was no spend February, I didn’t make any purchases this month. Still looking for a few pieces of furniture but there’s time for that.

  • Explore and visit places I’ve never been to on this side of the country.

    I’ve been so busy working that I’ve not really explored much this month. I did go ice skating for the first time this past week and did not break anything! There’s a few things coming up though…more news at a later date. But, in case you missed it, I did visit the Gervasi Still House Coffeeshop by day and Bar at night.

    Gervasi Still House Coffeeshop

  • Post a love story in parts on this blog.

    I did this, you can check it out here.

    Part 1

  • Start a blog. (Okay, that was easy.) Done!

  • Visit the Winking Lizard each month with the BF for the Beer of the Month Club.

    2 months down and counting. We plan to visit sometime this next week for March!

Professional Goals

  • Publish, at least, 4 books this year! - Unbeaten, Graham’s Resolution 6, Remember the Ruin 1 & 2

Unbeaten is progressing nicely. We’re at the halfway mark and things will spend up soon!

  • Publish a short story connected to the Surrender the Sun series

    Still in the works.

  • Spend advertising dollars smarter.

    Always adjusting.

  • Spend less screen time.

    It’s actually increased this week. I’m not counting writing time. Still working on this.

  • Read more books on writing. Still reading this one. It’s great! Not as engaging as say…the romance book but a great title to read.

That’s about it so far. How are you doing on your yearly goals?

:-) AR Shaw

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