No Spend February Update


No spend February Update

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and that means I can tell you I did an abysmal job at No Spend February.

It’s complicated.

 My goal was to: 

1.    Take inventory of all food stores.

2.    Make plans for possible meals.

3.    Use existing supplies.

4.    Fresh produce exempt.

5.    Sell at least 5 things on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon Trade-In.


Here’s what actually happened:

 What I did right and wrong.

1.    Take inventory of all food stores. – This I did. It was easy to use the app, Wunderlist, and my own voice to go through my food stores and make a list of everything edible in my home. No brainer. It took me maybe half an hour’s time speaking into my phone.

IMG_2226 2.jpg

2.    Make plans for possible meals. – I started off good. I went for the items that would expire first, like produce and meat. I used the Ingredient search option on to come up with meals ideas. I can say that I didn’t waste any food. I threw nothing out that might have otherwise spoiled…though I’m looking at three sketchy avocados on my counter as I write this. Probably going to make a boat load of guacamole tonight.

3.    Use existing supplies – Here are a few of the meals I created with my food stores.

·     Lots of Big Salads


·     Post Roast – Recipe coming soon


·     Coq au vin by Chef John (this was actually a combined effort between the BF and I.) Great recipe!


What I did wrong here…I realized. I live alone. I don’t eat at home a lot. I’m at the BF’s often for meals and he’s a great cook. I’m a little spoiled that way. The man can wield a cast iron skillet like none other. I’ll have to show you a few of his creations soon. We also eat out a lot with friends and family. I’m not usually the one pulling out the credit card at the end, though I do try.  


4.    Fresh produce exempt. – That was easy. I don’t have a problem spending money on fresh produce. Salads are my friend. I’m an avid Aldi’s shopper and they have great prices on healthy produce.

5.    Sell at least 5 things on eBay, Craigslist of Amazon Trade In. – I traded two items into Amazon’s Trade-In program. A total of $31.55 back for an old phone and a cracked iPad. Not too bad for useless items laying around my house. What I did wrong here…I didn’t get around to finding and selling three other items. I’m sure I could have come up with a few more had I put more effort into it. I can tell you I have a few resale bags from Thred-Up coming, but they won’t arrive until next month. I did clean out my closet and purged items I don’t seem to wear, and I guess in the end, this is a win because I did make the effort in February. I can’t help it that the process takes so long. I also brought a box of clothes to the local resale shop and they gave me $22 for my effort there. 

 So next February 2020, what would I do differently? It’s a lifestyle thing. I generally eat a pretty healthy diet. Cutting back on dining out is a good thing. I like to cook but this month, I just haven’t had the opportunity to do much of that. I think it’s always a good idea to take a month and go through your expenses and reevaluate what you’re actually spending your money on. For example, I was shocked to find some reoccurring charge from and app I didn’t even use. Get rid of that stuff. And going through my closet and home to find things to resale. I hate clutter and that experience was well worth it. So, I’ll do another No Spend next February…as much as possible depending on life. Adjustments are always necessary. Knowledge is key.

Have a great day!

AR Shaw


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