Coffeeshop Writing - The Gervasi Still House


Since moving to Ohio, I’ve visited many new places. There are things here unlike anything I’ve seen in the Northwest or the South. It’s exciting to discover and share these events and places from wherever my travels take me. Perhaps some of you will think I’m the weird one for just making a few of these connections. For example, I’ve always thought that buckeyes were a candy…lol, not so. There’s actually a nut from a tree here the, Reese’s like, treats were named after. I just happen to love those guys. They go great with coffee. This is also why I’ve put on ten pounds living here…more about that later.


About once a week I try to avoid the term, shut-in, by working from a coffeeshop. I like to steer clear from the mainstream ones and go to the more independent places I’ve noticed. It’s doesn’t have to be a bonified coffeeshop though. Nah, it can be a bakery, diner, or restaurant. I’m not picky and I make the rules. The requirement is the coffee, a decent internet connection, and the willingness on the part of the staff to let me loiter for a couple of hours taping on a keyboard. It’s usually not a problem…as long as I buy more coffee.

Some of these places are really unique and I return. Some of them are not and I move on to new ones.


 Last week I worked from a brand new coffee shop. It’s sorta swanky by day and when the sun goes down, it turns into a nice bar…it’s like magic that way. From one extreme to the other. It’s some writer’s paradise in perpetual motion. I could imagine a few of my buddies living there around the clock, very Hemingwayish. Note the still though the glass behind the bar…there’s a lot going on here.



It’s called The Still House and it’s on the Gervasi Winery property; an ever-expanding resort type property. A hotel and more are planned in the near future. I’d even visited this place before, well The Crush House, when I was here on a research trip well over a year ago. I was impressed with just the lunch establishment. It’s a great place to visit if you’re in town.



Back to the coffee…and the writing. The Still House has only been open a month or two. And I can see how the church theme, with the high beams runs throughout. There’s a place for Saints and Sinners…of course I sat on the saint’s side ‘cause I don’t want to jinx anything. I’m not superstitious…nope. 


I went up to the counter, which glowed under an amber rock slab that serves as the bar top. I ordered a mocha…which isn’t my norm. Trying to lose weight here, not gain. My usual fair is black coffee…but well…it seemed like a fancy place and I was weak. A treat for me. Note, that I did skip the very good-looking croissants…my favorites. Then sat in the various seating arrangements. I prefer a table to work from, but none were available this time. As I sipped the mocha, which I swear is just an adult hot chocolate, I looked around. There were games for people who were not working. There were private rooms for meetings…hence the curtains over the confessional looking rooms. 


In all, I really liked it there. The coffee, um…mocha, was good. When I stopped perusing the room, I got to work and after a few issues logging into the internet, I was up and writing in no time. I stayed at least two hours and accomplished quite a lot. 


 It’s a place I’ll return to for work occasionally and perhaps the BF and I’ll stop by for an evening cocktail sometime, too. I love exploring and this was definitely a worthy choice for a few hours of writing.

Best Wishes,

AR Shaw