Bishop's Honor: A Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Thriller (Surrender the Sun Book 1)

The story captures your imagination and the action is nonstop. Read it in one sitting. I googled Maunder Minimum and yes it’s a real thing.
— Amazon Review
Surrender the Sun did not disappoint.
— Amazon reviewer

When the Snow Hits the Fan, Bishop's Honor.

Because it happened once before and it will happen again. In the Year 2030 the Maunder Minimum, a period of solar inactivity, will cause a mini-ice age like it did between the years 1645 and 1710. When it does, Bishop will have to save her not only from the effects of severe weather but also from man himself.

Shaw has produced a masterful story of survival that borders on the genres of fact and fiction.
— Amazon reviewer

Books in this series:

  • Bishop's Honor, Book One

  • Sanctuary, Book Two

  • Point of No Return, Book Three

If you love dystopian post-apocalyptic books by such authors as A. American, Steven Konkoly, or Tom Abrahams you'll enjoy Surrender the Sun. Fans of One Second After, Lucifer's Hammer, Into the Forest, and The Stand did too.